Workouts Reinvented

Today, we’re excited to bring you a new and enhanced version of workouts in Fitter, with improvements to the way you build and design workouts, and a more seamless user experience.

In this post, we’ll take you through some of the changes and new features, but feel free to jump into the builder to explore on your own time!

What’s new?

1. Improved Results Tracking

The results for each round of a workout can now be recorded at your user’s leisure–during, after, or even mid round! We’ve also added the ability to capture workout results without having to “start” it, meaning users can quickly log their results without having to go through the entire workout flow.

Users can record their results by clicking the (+) button next to each exercise or component of a workout. Results of past sessions are available anytime from the results icon.

2. New Workout Flow for Users

Follow along is no longer the default for workouts, as we’ve created a more ideal flow for users based on your feedback.

Now, a user can begin a workout simply by tapping ‘start’ on the workout or they can just view the workout and click the + button to add/track their results. By tapping ‘start’, a user will be progressed through the workout, as they are automatically anchored to the current exercise. No need to scroll mid-workout!

3. Workouts created in the Page Builder

This update also brings greater flexibility to how you build and design your workouts! The workouts have moved to the page builder, meaning you have complete design control of how you present your workout — add videos or images, movement guides, equipment required or just about anything! You can also add a title, description or anything else you’d like to include above or below the actual workout. See our example below. When you click to edit the exercises within a workout, you will see the typical workout builder you’re used to pop up on the righthand side.

4. Timers Appear In-Line & Can be Hidden or Muted

Timers are no longer automatic. Any timed section of the workout will now have a timer appear next to that section and users can simply tap the timer to start it. If they prefer to complete the workout without a timer, they can show or hide it by clicking the ‘timer’ icon on the bottom righthand of the screen.

And, your users can now mute the timer so that music can stream seamlessly throughout their workout without interruption!

We’d Love to Hear Your Thoughts

This is simply our first iteration of our new workouts experience. We’d love to hear your feedback on these changes at

About Fitter

Fitter is a multi-purpose health and fitness platform that enables trainers, coaches, gyms and influencers to create and deliver programs, workouts and nutritional content to anyone, anywhere. Fitter enables users to create and distribute their content via their own custom, self-branded web app.

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