The Ultimate Guide to Delivering Your Fitness Training Online

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find inside this awesome FREE guide.

Chapter 1: Identify your “who”

  • Part 1: Why You Can’t Sell to Everyone
  • Part 2: How to Identify your Perfect Client
  • Part 3: Talking to your Avatar

Chapter 2: Be Discoverable

  • Part 1: Think Local
  • Part 2: Search Engine Optimisation
  • Part 3: Laser Focus on One Area of Social Media
  • Part 4: Using an App to Grow Your Business

Chapter 3: Craft an intro offer

Chapter 4: Deliver Online

Chapter 5: Sell Online

Chapter 6: Be Shareable

  • Part 1: How to Ask for Testimonials
  • Part 2: How to Get Amazing Testimonials

Chapter 7: Be Mobile-Friendly

Ready to go online?



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