Powered by Fitter: How going online is helping Nick Longhurst scale his training business

Hey Nick! Tell us, how did you start your training business?

What are you most excited about going forward?

The problem with my job right now — and this is a problem for fitness trainers in general — is that we trade time for money. There comes a point where you max out your own capacity and it becomes really difficult to scale.

What initially inspired you to take your business online?

If I’m able to turn my online presence into my business — and gain a better work-life balance — that’s such an attractive business model for me.

You’ve built up a great audience on social media. How did you build such a large Instagram following?

You have to try and think about how you are going to solve problems that your audience is having. But for me, I’m also sharing my own training journey.

You’ve just launched your new app that you built with Fitter — congrats! What did you find was the hardest part of building an app? What was the biggest challenge you had?

The content was definitely the most time-consuming part, but it’s not ‘hard’ because I knew exactly what exercises I had to film since I’d done the planning already.

Comparing Fitter to other platforms that you’ve used, what would you say are the top three benefits of using Fitter?

You don’t have to adhere to the platform’s structure, you can create your own structure. A lot of apps out there have their own thing that you have to conform to, but not with Fitter, that’s been sweet!

Did you look at any other platforms to take your training online?

I showed one of my clients the app this morning and she said “Oh wow, this looks great!” Clients don’t realise that it’s created through another platform. It’s my own app, and it’s fully personalised to me and my brand, which I think is absolutely going to be a standout for my business.



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